Control birthrate, UEC Chairman tells leaders of three Muslim political parties

Sitttwe: The Chairman of the Union Election Commission has reportedly warned the leaders of three Muslim political parties to control rising birthrates among their communities in a recent meeting.

Muslim in Sittwe ( Photo-VOA)

The Chairman of the UEC, U Tin Aye, told this to the leaders of Muslim political parties when he summoned and met them on 6th of September in his office in Naypyitaw, according to a report broadcasted by the Burmese program of the Radio Free Asia on Sunday’s morning.

Speaking to the RFA, U Hla Thein, the Vice-President of the National Democratic Party for Development, said they were told by the UEC Chairman in their meeting with him to contain the birthrate among their Muslim communities in Arakan state.

“He told us that the birthrate of Muslims in Arakan State is very high and asked us to work and to mobilize our communities with regard to birth control”, said U Hla Thein.

The UEC is said to have met leaders of the three Muslim political parties after they raised objections to the three members of the commission that has been formed to investigate the unrest in Arakan State.

Those Muslim parties have written to the President U Thein Sein to protest against the appointments of Dr. Aye Maung of the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, U Aye Thar Aung of the Arakan League for Democracy and U Ko Ko Gyi of the 88-Generation Students in the commission.

President U Thein Sein is the highest leader of the Burmese government who recently made a call to keep the Bengali illegal immigrants in the country by making refugee camps in Burma and to deport them through the assistance of the UNHCR to the countries that wish to accept them.

It is learnt that the UEC Chairman U Tin Aye has also told the leaders of the three Muslim political parties that there are altogether 27 members in the commission and it is unnecessary to worry about just three of them, and that it is not possible to conceal the truth and the truth will anyhow emerge as it is.