Committee formed to scrutinize citizenship issues in Arakan

Narinjara News

Yangon. 21 June 2016


Arakan State government has formed a committee to scrutinize the citizenship issues relating to those people who received the National Verification Cards (NVC) from the State’s immigration department.

The State and township level committees, formed on 15 June last, would examine whether the verification card holders are genuine Burmese citizens or not, said an Arakan government official.

The municipal minister U Min Aung, also in charge Arakan government’s spokesperson, recently confirmed that the committees in both State and township level were recommended by the Arakan State chief minister U Nyi Pu. He also opined that the process of scrutinizing citizenship issues in Arakan would begin very soon.

Speaking to Narinjara News over telephone, U Min Aung added that the State’s  security & border affairs minister Colonel Htin Lin would lead the committee as its chairman. The managing director of the State’s immigration department would  serve as its secretary.

“The Rakhine State administrator and Arakan police chief will serve as the members of the scrutinizing committee for the verification card holders,” stated U Min Aung.

In the township level, the local administrator would lead the committee as its chairmen, where four responsible government officials from concerned departments would be appointed as its members.

It may be noted that Arakan’s immigration department issued around 700 NVC to the Muslim residents in Mray Bon and Kyauk Pru townships very recently. The committees would scrutinize these verification card holders in the beginning.

“We are following three important steps to complete the process. First, the township level committee will scrutinize NVC holders and send the report to the State level committee. Secondly, the State level committee will scrutinize the report again and send to the union level committee. Finally, the union level committee will decide about their citizenship demand,” informed a Mray Bon township administrator.