Committee formed for creating an Arakanese National Day

Sittwe: A temporary endeavour committee for an Arakanese National Day has been formed in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan, to choose a day for Arakanese National Day, said U Aung Mra Kyaw, Arakan state lawmaker.

Committee formed for creating an Arakanese National Day

“We formed a endeavour committee with 15 prominent scholars and historians in Sittwe on Thursday to choose a day  as Arakanese National day,” he said.

The committee was formed during a meeting held in the RNDP office in Sittwe. Around 50 prominent people including politicians, scholars, ministers and historians attended in the meeting.

“We are a nationality. So we should have a national day like other nationalities around the world. The committee was formed with this intention and objective,” he said.

The committee will invite all Arakanese people, not only inside but also outside of country, to cooperate with the committee in choosing a day from several important historic days to Arakan for the National day of Arakan.

The temporary committee is also going to hold a conference with Arakanese scholars, historians and politicians within six months to determine a day to be the National day of Arakan.

Arakan was an independent country in Asia till 1784 before the Burmese king invaded Arakan.  All national identities and characters of the Arakanese have been missing since it lost its sovereignty.