Chief of Arakan ‘s USDP Insults Rathidaung Citizens After being Photographed

Rathidaung: The in-charge of the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) of Arakan State, U Maung Oo, has insulted local residents in Rathidaung, using rude and abusive words as he was photographed by one of the residents when he visited the town together with Muslim Parliamentarian U Aung Zaw Win on the 16th of September.

Rathedaung Jetty

“U Maung Oo was accompanied by his party’s Muslim parliamentarian U Aung Zaw Won when he came to Rathidaung from Buthidaung in the UN’s speed-boat around 10:30 am last Saturday. As some town people gathered around to look at them and apparently unsatisfied with the people, he scolded them asking “what are you looking at?” Then someone took a photo of him on a mobile phone and he rudely insulted the people with abusive words”, said a local resident.

U Maung Oo is also said to have scolded the police who escorted him for security and his party’s members in the town with words too rude and unpleasant to be repeated.
“As a gentleman, he should not use such obscene language before the public. He also scolded policemen as well as U Thein Tun who is his party’s representative in the town very rudely. He told U Thein Tun to resign from the party if he is unable to control his own town people. And then, he ordered them to bring the man who had taken the picture of him without his permission to him, telling them that he would not leave the town if they did not fetch that man for him”, said the resident.

The resident also said that no town people had made any protests or comments against U Maung Oo for bringing the Muslim parliamentarian with him to their town, but he had insulted them with various rude and abusive words.

“Democracy has been practised here for a long time and he can travel free with Muslims. After all that Muslim is his party’s parliamentarian and he should not have a guilty conscience for coming together with him to our town and should not insult our town people”, said the resident.

According to the source, U Maung Oo also insulted U Hla Maung Thein, a lawmaker of the state parliament from the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, by asking him “who is that fellow?” using the derogatory Burmese term as the latter was observing his behavior towards the people at the jetty.

After U Hla Maung Thein came down from the house where he was attending a funeral and introduced himself, U Maung Oo is said to have told him that he is also a parliamentarian and they can speak each other peacefully.

When U Hla Maung Thein requested him to be calm with the people as a funeral was being held nearby, U Maung Oo is said to have replied that he had no knowledge about the funeral.

Subsequently, the police brought the man who took the photograph of U Maung Oo identifying him as U Maung Thaung, just an ordinary man in the town. U Maung Oo is said to have ordered the police to confiscate his mobile and release the person.

U Maung Oo is said to have met the responsible officials and elders in the township administrators office in Rathidaung and mentioned in the meeting that the RNDP party should be more generous when dealing with affairs in the township.

However, it is learnt that he did not attend the anniversary ceremony of his own party, which was held in his party’s office when he was arriving in the town.

It is also learnt that the Muslim parliamentarian U Aung Zaw Win remained in the speed boat with an escort of police without coming into the town.