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Myammar Census

The ‘Rohingya’ Identity – Further Thoughts

I have received one or two expressions of disbelief about the conclusion I reached in my essay on 9 April 2014 (The ‘Rohingya’ Identity – The British Experience in Arakan 1826-1948) that the designation 'Rohingya' was totally unknown to the British administration of Burma.

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Census Myanmar

The ‘Rohingya’ Identity – British experience in Arakan 1826-1948

I only recently discovered the Digital Library of India. Like a child let loose in a sweetshop, I have been gorging myself on unrestricted historical candy. With the Census in Myanmar on its way to completion, I looked to see how the British in their time had handled the issue of the 'Rohingya' identity which is currently a matter of deep concern: there sadly appears to have been a last minute change of heart by the Myanmar Government not to allow self-identification by Muslims as 'Rohingya', under the threat by Buddhists in Rakhine State to boycott the census if that was permitted.

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NGO-office-attack in Myanmar

12 detained in Sittwe suspecting role on NGO office attacks

At least twelve people have been detained by the Sittwe police suspecting their role in the recent attacks on several offices belonged to international non-government organizations (NGO) in Arakan province of western Burma.

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The dead body of U Tun Aung Sein in the garden.

Chakma Buddhist slaughtered in Maungdaw

A Buddhist from the Chakma tribe, known as Thet in Burmese language, was slaughtered by a group of miscreants on 29 March 2014 in Maungdaw township on western Burma border locality, said the police and a village tract administrator.

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Teenager killed in Sittwe firing

Teenager killed in Sittwe firing

The firing incident of Sittwe on 27 March evening has clamed the first victim today. A teenage girl named Ma Nee Ma fell prey to the incident in the Arakanese capital city, while she was preparing to have dinner at home.

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Arakanese protesters dispersed with police firing

The Sittwe police fired several bullets into the air to disperse a crowd of local residents on Wednesday evening who demonstrated against a foreign NGO named Malteser.

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ANP central committee meeting progresses

The first central committee meeting of new found Arakan National Party (ANP) was completed on Wednesday in Sittwe with some major resolutions.

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Sittwe to host Arakan National Party’s important meeting

Representatives from Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) and Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) are expected to meet in Sittwe on March 23 to finalize the future plan of Arakan National Party (ANP).

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Kaman Muslims oppose Rohingya replacing Bengali titles

Now a Muslim political party of Burma has come out with their reservation towards the word Rohingya replacing Bengali titles in the forthcoming national census.

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26 Bengali prisoners handed over to Bangladesh

The Burma authority has handed over 26 Bangladeshi nationals to its neighboring country, whose jail terms were over there. According to the Bangladesh authority, all the prisoners were handed over during a flag meeting held on Wednesday in Maungdaw.

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