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The ‘Rohingya’ Identity – Further Thoughts

I have received one or two expressions of disbelief about the conclusion I reached in my essay on 9 April 2014 (The ‘Rohingya’ Identity – The British Experience in Arakan 1826-1948) that the designation 'Rohingya' was totally unknown to the British administration of Burma.

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Census Myanmar

The ‘Rohingya’ Identity – British experience in Arakan 1826-1948

I only recently discovered the Digital Library of India. Like a child let loose in a sweetshop, I have been gorging myself on unrestricted historical candy. With the Census in Myanmar on its way to completion, I looked to see how the British in their time had handled the issue of the 'Rohingya' identity which is currently a matter of deep concern: there sadly appears to have been a last minute change of heart by the Myanmar Government not to allow self-identification by Muslims as 'Rohingya', under the threat by Buddhists in Rakhine State to boycott the census if that was permitted.

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