Campaign held in Thilawa Port to let Malaysia know that Burma has no Rohingyas

Narinjara News

9 February 2017:


Around 100 people staged a campaign yesterday at the entrance of Thilawa Port in Rangoon, where an aid ship from Malaysia has been docked, to let the diplomats and international media know that there are not any Rohingyas in Burma and there are only Bengalis in the country, the campaign’s leader U Win Ko Ko Latt (Law) told Narinjara News.

“We are holding a campaign today to let the officials from the Malaysian ship know that there aren’t any Rohingyas in Burma. The ship arrived today so we also want to raise the awareness of the diplomats and the media,” said U Win Ko Ko Latt.

The campaign was led by the Myanmar National Network, a coalition of 18 groups, and was held from 2 to 4 pm.

“Our campaign is not to protest against the humanitarian aids from Malaysia, but they have been frequently using the word that is not accepted by the Burmese people so we are objecting to it. We don’t accept the word ‘Rohingya refugee camp’. We have no objection if they use the word ‘Bengali’. The campaign is held to object to the use of the word [‘Rohingya’],” he explained.

He urged the Malaysian government and diplomats to take caution in using the unacceptable word in creating tensions since such usage have worsened the situation in the Arakan State.

He added that the Myanmar Nationalist Network will continue to object if the Malaysian government continues to use the word that is not accepted by the Burmese people.


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