Burmese President to visit Britain and France

( Naypyidaw, 3 July 2013): Burmese President Thein Sein  is scheduled to visit Britain and French this month. The Burmese deputy information minister U Yee Htut informed the media recently about the President’s five-day foreign visit starting on 14 July.

Burmese President Thein Sein. (Photo: Internet)

Burmese President Thein Sein. (Photo: Internet)

“Our President Thein Sein will visit Britain and French from 14 to 18 July. He will first arrive in UK and then proceed to France,” said U Yee Htut.

The minister revealed that the President would discuss about education sector with the UK government as the first priority, as Thein Sein is personally interested to promote the education scenario of Burma. Other issues that should come for discussion include economic matters.

Moreover President Thein Sein   will apprise the governments of UK and French about the Burma reform process with enticements for investments in Burma.

The bilateral relationship between Burma and Britain was comfortable till 1988. However the tie got deteriorated following the Burmese authority’s harsh response to the uprising for democracy in the year that invited condemnations from the international community.

In his last visit to Europe, President Thein Sein  could not visit Britain and French to garner supports for the reform process in Burma.

Soon after taking the presidency in 2011, Thein Sein visited many countries including Australia, Norway and the US to get the
recognition as the first leader of the southeast Asian nation in nearly half a century to visit these countries with an endeavour to
end once military ruled Burma’s diplomatic isolation.