Burmese citizens protest against fraudulent reports about Arakan’s unrest outside UN in Japan

Maung Aye

Tokyo: Burmese citizens arriving in Japan held a demonstration in order to protest against the international organizations and Muslim countries that are interfering in the state affairs of Burma after publicizing fraudulent reports about the recent unrest in the country’s western Arakan State.

Over 80 of Burma’s ethnic peoples participated in the demonstration that was held on 5th of September outside the UN office in Tokyo.

Ko Kyaw Than Hlaing, an organizer of the demonstration, told Narinjara that they had to protest international organizations and some Muslim countries because they are meddling in their state affairs after publicizing fabricated reports about the unrest in their country.

“Some of the Muslim countries and international organizations are meddling in our state affairs with their fabricated reports about the unrest in our country. We have also found that they are doing so in favor of the so-called Rohingya without regarding the sufferings of Arakanese people in their own homeland. So, we, the Burmese citizens have held this demonstration in order to protest them”, said Ko Kyaw Than Hlaing.

He said that the statement of protest was given to UN officials and would also be sent to the embassies of Muslim countries in Tokyo after concluding their demonstration at the UN office.

“We have found out that the culprits have become the victims in the fabricated and exaggerated reports of the international organizations and Muslim countries about Arakan’s unrest. That’s why we have to protest against them and we will also send the statement of our protest along with facts and evidences of the unrest to the embassies of the Muslim countries such as Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan”, he said.

According to him, misleading reports using photos such as the photos of Tibetan self-immolations, people killed in disasters and Thailand’s incidents are being spread by some miscreant groups especially in Muslim dominant countries in order to exaggerate the unrest in Arakan State in Burma.

Kyaw Than Hlaing said the international communities and Muslim countries are expected to realize true situation of the unrest after receiving their statement as the information being provided has detailed accounts of explanation and photo evidence.

He added that they held the demonstration of their own will without any urges from any organization as they feel that it is responsible as a citizen to protect their own country regarding the unrest in Arakan State.