Burma President urged to cancel MoU with MSF


( Sittwe, 20 February 2014)  The Burma President U Thein Sein has been urged by four Arakanese organizations to cancel the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), said U Than Tun, a senior leader from Sittwe, the capital of Arakan province of Burma.

The leaders of Arakan based organizations namely Sittwe social network, elders organization from Sittwe, monk organization and organization for preventing national race & religious have recently sent an appeal letter to the President raising their voices.

“It becomes impossible for us to accept the MSF working in our State as it is creating conflicts between two major communities with misinformation. So we have requested the President to cancel the contract with the MSF and dispel from Arakan,” added U Than Tun.

The MSF recently issued a report about Du Chiyardan event where it mentioned about the treatment to more than  20 patients who received injuries in the accident.

Around 5000 Arakanese staged a protest demonstration against the MSF against the report and challenged the organization to prove the facts. During the protest, held in Sittwe last week, the demonstrators asked the MSF to leave Sittwe within seven days.

“The MSF has not responded to our demands even after a week of our demonstration. So we have submitted the letter to President urging him to dispel it from our State. If the President does not respond to our appeal, we would stage another protest demonstration in front the MSF office in  Sittwe,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the police department source says that the authority has already permitted the agitators to hold a sitting demonstration against the MSF between Friday to Monday next. The demonstration, planned to stage in front Sittwe MSF office, may elongate for two hour, it added.


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