Burma objects Al Jazeera’s plan to telecast Arakan’s unrest

Maung Aye

Yangon: The Burmese government has issued a statement on Friday opposing Al Jazeera’s plan to telecast a documentary that is said to have included allegations of “genocide against the so-called Rohingya” during the violent communal riots that broke out last June and October in Arakan State.

The seven-point statement dated 6th of December has been released on the website of the presidential office.

It said that Qatar-based Al Jazeera Television is planning to air the documentary in Arabic Language from the 8th to 12th December and in English from 9th to 13th December.

When asked by Narinjara, U Aye Thar Aung, the president of the ALD, one of the leading Arakanese political parties, said that the one-sided documentary by Al Jazeera may fuel more communal conflicts in Arakan State.

“We have seen that such intense and brutal communal killings have taken place in Arakan State because of  external individuals and organizations that have been stirring up the campaigns of so-called Rohingya”, said U Aye Thar Aung.

“I believe that such one-sided and fabricated documentaries or stories by Al Jazeera or other news agencies may incite more communal tensions and conflicts in our region”, he added.

The Arakanese political parties as well as the Burmese government formerly stated that those violent unrests occurred in Arakan State were agitated by external individuals and organizations behind scenes.

It is mentioned in the statement that the Burmese government has already allowed UN agencies, INGOs, foreign diplomats, OIC and other Muslim organizations to access the areas affected by the violent riots.

It also said that it strongly opposes to Al Jazeera’s plans to air the documentary that  “untruly exaggerated the conflicts in Arakan State”.