Burma Nasaka Meets BGB to Help Free Kidnapped Soldiers

Dhaka: The Burma border security force Nasaka met with BGB, Border Guard Bangladesh, on Thursday, seeking help from BGB with the freeing of three kidnapping soldiers, said official reports.

A meeting between Nasaka and BGB in last a few months.

Nasaka officials attended a flag meeting with BGB officials at the Lemuchari outpost in Bangladesh located near the Burmese border in the area of Nakkhonshari Township on Thursday.

In the flag meeting, the Bangladesh side was led by Subedar Shah Alam, company commander of Lemuchari border outpost while the Burma Nasaka side was led by U Myint Tun.

The 15 BGB battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mahabubur Rahman from Naikhyangchari told Bangladesh media that Nasaka had sought BGBs help in rescuing three Burma civilians who were kidnapped by terrorists after they attacked a Nasaka camp on the border.

However, official sources on the Burma border said that they are not civilians and that they were from Government Engineering battalion in Burma army that is constructing a road from Maungdaw township to Paletwa in southern Chin State.

According to a source, Nasaka said that a group of terrorists in black uniform fired into a Nasaka outpost at Bandola located at Aung Tha Pyi Nasaka area No 1, in the northern part of Maungdaw Township, on the 6th of November, leaving one dead. Three soldiers were then taken by the armed group.

The flag meeting was held at the company commander level after Nasaka requested it on Wednesday.

A Burmese army source said it seized three shells from AK 47 bullets and a bullet from a AK 47 from the spot where the gun fire took place. The Burmese army reportedly suspects an armed group known as RSO. The Bangladesh authority denies the group is on Bangladesh soil.