Buddhist farmer murdered in southern Arakan

( Thandwe, 11 July 2013): An Arakanese Buddhist farmer was murdered in the recent unrest that broke out in Thandaw town of Arakan, said the relative and police officials.

thaandweThe victim has been identified as U Win Myint (alias) Nyi Lay, 38 (son of U San Pe from Shwe Hlay Thapru Chi village in Thandwe Township), who was born without a hand.

According to the police report, U Win Myint was killed by some goons who cut his throat when he was sleeping in his hut located near Thapru Chi Taungpaw village under Outnet Maw village tract in Thandaw township in the early morning of 10 July.

His aunty Daw Khin Khin Nyo, 52, found the body with pool of blood on a bamboo bedstead in the hut in wee hours as she went there for agricultural works, the report said. Soon Daw Khin Khin Nyo registered a case in the Shwe Lay police station at 9:45 am describing the incident.

A day after the incident, the Arakan State police department in Sittwe had released a press note on the incident where the note said that the throat of U Win Myint was cut by some unknown persons and he succumbed to the injuries while sleeping in a hut of Thapru Chi village.

Incidentally the murder took place a day after the government made an announcement on 9 July 2013 assuring to end all kinds of social unrests inĀ  Arakan.

According to the local source, three Muslim men have been arrested by the police on suspicious ground about the murder. Of course Narinjara can not confirm it because the police of Thandaw have not disclosed anything about the arrest till date.