Buddhist families from south Bangladesh migrate to Arakan

The photo was taken by RFA reporter Ko Min Thein Aung while they arrived at Kyauk Taw. (Photo- RFA)

The photo was taken by RFA reporter Ko Min Thein Aung while they arrived at Kyauk Taw. (Photo- RFA)

(Kyauk Taw: 25 Dec 2013): Nine Buddhist families from trouble-torn south Bangladesh have entered into Burmese territory through India- Burma-Bangladesh tri-junction areas recently, said a confidential government source.

The group including 20 males and 18 females later arrived in Kyawtaw town, located at upper Kaladan river of Arakan State, on Monday.

The families are understood to enter Arakan through Chin State after getting inside Burma through the tri-junction areas. The authority is now preparing to send them to Maungdaw border areas, which is closer to Bangladesh by the boat, to put them in some model villages which are being set up by the government.

Mentionable is that over 1000 Buddhists people from different parts of south Bangladesh have already settled down in Arakan after they left Bangladesh last year to escape hunger and insecurity.

Daw Hla May, chairman of Kyawtaw township women’s network revealed that Buddhist families migrated from Bangladesh as there was no security for minorities in the country.

Moreover the minority people can get little opportunity in Muslim dominated Bangladesh and hence they decided to enter Burma for a better future, added Daw Hla May.

She also informed that more Buddhist families from Bangladesh are on the way to settle in Burma. The group said that around 100 Buddhist people from Bandarban district of Bangladesh, located at upper Singu river which is closer to Burma border, had already entered into Burma and they were coming to Arakan after staying in Chin State for some time.