Bomb exploded loudly in Sittwe at midnight

Sittwe, March 14


A bomb was exploded loudly at mid night of Thursday in Sittwe but no one was reportedly injured, said a police officer Win Naung in Sittwe district.

“ Yes, it was bomb, not other materials explosion but there was no one injury during the bomb explosion because there was no one in the home. We are inquiring who involved the conspiracy,” he said.

Local people suspected some criminals was planting the bomb nearby district education department that is to be in disturbance the matriculation exam which is being held from 9 March to 18 .

“ The bomb was exploded near at district Education department office. It is intended to disturb the matriculation examination,” said the local resident.


One elder woman said that she has never heard such as loudly racket of explosion in her life and every body bearded the rackets around sittwe.

The police is revealing the evidence behind the explosion but no one was arrested till  now.