Beijing recommends a four-nation highway

(Dhaka, 27 June 2013) : China proposes for a transnational highway with an aim to connect four nations including India, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

02-10-11-metro18AAproposal for such a highway has been floated by the Chinese government in Beijing, where the road communication between West Bengal (of India) and Yunnan (of south China) will be feasible via Bangladesh and Myanmar, said a media report in Dhaka.

It came out during a discussion between the Bangladesh communications minister Obaidul Quader and China vice-minister for communications Feng Zhenglin at Bangladesh secretariat in its national capital.

The Bangla minister was quoted in the media report that he revealed about the proposal from the visiting Chinese  minister for a transnational highway with such dimension.

“Dhaka has given its consent to the proposal for constructing a four-nation highway separately to Asian Highway,” said the Bangla minister. Of course,  he did not provide detail about the project.

Obaidul Quader insisted on a high-level meeting of representatives from all four participating nations to conceptualize the project soon.