Authorities advise public not to gather together due to the news about the possibility of terrorist bomb attack in Maungdaw

Maugdaw: Maungdaw authorities ordered strip malls closed along with street markets after news about a terrorist attack spread among the public.

Maungdaw city watch tower

An anonymous police officer said, “ Yes, we asked Maungdaw residents to avoid crowded areas like strip malls and street markets on 8 August.”

Since the Muslim rioter’s attack in Maungdaw, the main market has been closed while only the strip malls and street markets are open to the public for their groceries.

A local female said, “All strip malls and the street markets are ordered to close due to a possible terrorist bomb attack. News about terrorists’ attack have spread all over since yesterday (August 7) evening. Because of it, all street markets and strips malls were closed since 6 am today (August 8). District authorities advised people to stay home and avoid going to crowded places.”

Ko Myo Chit, a local resident, witnessed the fact that most government offices are closed on Wednesday.

He also stated, “ I did not see government offices being opened although the government bank and Kan-ball-za bank were opened this morning. But they are closed now. Due to seatrain violence in June, the High school has been closed till today.”

As he continues, “Everyone is home now. The only people I saw on the streets are a few young men who are going for errands with their motorcycle.”

As he shared more about the eye-witnessed news, he reports, “ High levels of security forces including Maungdaw police, security personnel, Na-sa-ka (Burmese Military) are placed around Maungdaw city hall, Ah-lo-daw-praay monastery, high school and Maungdaw main market.

The whole city is quiet and the streets are empty as if a big storm is on the way to Maungdaw, he said.