Arsenic found in underground water of Arakan

Yangon ( Narinjara)

1 February 2016


Arsenic is found in the groundwater of Burma (Myanmar) and the permissible limit for human consumption is reportedly crossed in various places like Ayawaddy & Pago division with Arakan State, disclosed by the medical research department.

It was confirmed after the research department carried out a series of tests of water samples from different wells in those locations.

According to the research department, the permissible limit of arsenic in Myanmar standard is 0.05 milligram per liter. If an individual consumes water contaminated with arsenic with more than the permissible limit for some years, (s)he might get affected with various skin related problems including the cancer. Moreover it may develop lung, liver, heart and also kidney diseases.

Burma’s neighbour Bangladesh has long been reporting about the arsenic contamination in its ground water.

Over 137 million people from 70 countries including Bangladesh, India, Chili, China, Argentina, Mexico etc are affected by the arsenic contamination in groundwater.