Arakanse protest against Ben Ki-moon’s gesture to Rohingyas

Man Yu Kyaw (ShweWa land)/ Narinjara 25 November 2014:


Arakanese people in large number protested against the UN secretary general  Ben Ki-moon for his recent favourable comment about Muslim Bengali residents of Burma, particularly because of terming them as Rohingyas.

The natives of Sittwe, Pauk Taw, Kyauk Taw, Minbya and Maungdaw townships of Arakan State in western Burma came to the streets on November 23 to show their resentments against the topmost UN official.

Mentionable is that Ben Ki-moon, who addressed the media persons in Naypyi Daw on  November 12 in the sideline ASEAN-UN summit, pronounced the word Rohingya to identify Muslim people living in Arakan.

“One Korean (read Ben Ki-moon) used the term which does not exist in Myanmar and that way he interfered in Arakan’s internal affairs. It is unacceptable to us” said Ko Aung Haty, who led the protest programmme in Sittwe, the capital city of Arakan State.

Over 5000 people including the monks had joined in the Sittwe protest demonstration that started at 1 pm. The agitators marched from Winkabar palace ground across the port city and dispersed by 2 pm peacefully.

They shouted slogans like ‘UN official Ben Ki-moon, don’t you know the truth’, ‘No Rohingya in Arakan State’, ‘We do not want them who accept Rohingya term’, ‘Arakan State, Arakan State, the native land of Arakanese’, ‘Arakanese, Arakanese, protect our native land’ etc.


Need not to mention that the organizers got the permission from the respective local authorities to lead the demonstration.

“Ben Ki-moon used the term (Rohingya) which may be dangerous for our society and hence we are protesting,” said  U Sein Hla Phyu, who joined in Maungdaw protest programme. It may be mentioned that Maungdaw has nearly 95 percent Bengali Muslim population.

The agitating Arakanese also sent a letter to the UN office demanding to nullify the term Rohingya from the official documents. They alleged that  Rohingya  people were indulging in terror activities and they are illegal migrants in Burma.

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