Arakanese suffer from flash-flood without relief

(Narinjara News, 17 July 2014)


Heavy rains and high tide have inundated many costal locations of Arakan in western Burma, where hundreds of families had to suffer from the flash-flood.

A monk from Kyay Taw village under Sittwe township informed that the water level was seen as high as 6 feet, when the tide entered into the village. For some time, all buildings including schools, clinic and residents were under water.


“The villagers found it difficult t o go for daily works due to the flood after the heavy rainfall. The fishermen and daily wage earners faced serious crisis of survival, but no relief has been offered to them by the authority and NGOs,” added the monk.

The primary schools, market places  in the village were temporarily closed down due to the flash-flood.

“Now we desperately need food, drinking water and medicine, but we are still deprived of these facilities. We have already urged the concerned authorities for the reliefs but in vain,” said Ko Hla Maung from the village.


Some wards under Sittwe city also witnessed the flash-flood when the tide came with heavy rain. Many streets of the capital city remained under water for hours.

Mentionable is that heavy rainfall in the rainy season is usual in Arakan, but this time the high tide was different which damaged the properties of many families.

Environmental experts believe that the tide in the rainy season may occur more frequently in future where the Arakanese have to cope-up with the disaster influenced by the climate change all over the world.