Arakanese lawmarker sentenced to yearlong imprisonment


29 January 2o16


An Arakanese lawmaker belonged to Arakan National party (ANP) was sentenced to one year imprisonment by the Mray Bon township court on Thursday, said his wife.

U Hla Aung Nyunt, who won the last year’s election in Mainbya township constituency for Arakan State Parliament.

According to his wife, the Mray Bon township court judge passed  the verdict under two acts namely 451 and 506 on Thursday.

“As my husband was elected last year for the State Parliament, he has been targeted with political vendettas only,” said the lady.

The ANP sources claimed that U Hla Aung Nyunt entered into the house of Daw U Mya Kyi at Auk Wra Bai ward in Mainbya locality during his election campaigning last year as the husband of Daw U Mya Kyi himself invited the ANP leader. But surprisingly she registered a case against U Hla Aung Nyunt.

The party sources also added that Daw U Mya Kyi is close to the government party (USDP) and hence the accusation against U Hla Aung Nyunt was a matter of political conspiracy.

U Hla Aung Nyunt, during his legal battle, initially appealed to the Mrauk U district court to transfer his case to another court of Arakan and accordingly it was shifted to Mray Bon township court and from which he got the verdict.