Arakanese in Thailand Hold Ceremony to Reinvigorate their Patriotism

Dhaka: Arakanese in Thailand held a joint public ceremony and lecture on Arakan history and presented an award to a patriotic musician on 19 February in a Buddhist monastery in southern Thailand with the aim of improving patriotic morale among the younger Arakanese generation.

The ceremony was titled, “The public lecture on Arakanese history by prominent historian Professor Aye Chan and the honoring of patriotic musician Win Ko Khine”. It was opened with a religious sermon and traditional cultural events.

U Htay Win, editor of the Arakan National Newspaper and the leading organizer of the ceremony, told Narinjara that the ceremony was held with nationalistic people of Arakan in order to uplift morale and patriotism among the younger Arakanese generation.

“The ceremony and public lecture on Arakan history was held by our well-regarded historian Dr. Aye Chan, and we awarded the honorary prize of ‘Brilliant Star’ to our popular musician Ko Win Ko Khine who has been selflessly composing and singing our patriotic songs for more than 20 years so that our younger Arakanese generation may learn their native history and emulate those Arakanese personalities who have been bestowing their selfless service to the cause of Arakan,” said U Htay Win.

He said the ceremony was very lively with over 2,000 young Arakanese migrant workers attending the ceremony in Thailand in the town of Maha Chai.

While speaking to Narinjara, Dr. Aye Chan said, “I feel very proud of our people in Thailand who made this kind of ceremony possible because it is very necessary for our people. Without the knowledge of our own history, our people would not know what to do with their future, so I would like to urge our Arakanese people at home and abroad as well to hold such ceremonies in order to keep our patriotism alive.”

Ko Win Ko Khine said on receiving the award during the ceremony that he felt much more profoundly than words of gratitude and pleasure he expressed for the prize awarded by his compatriot Arakanese for his songs.

It was also learnt that the audiences in the ceremony were also greatly impressed with Dr. Aye Chan’s lecture on Arakanese history and presented their respective gifts and respect to him before concluding the ceremony.