Arakanese form public committee to voice people desires

Maung Rammar

Rathedaung: Arakanese have recently formed a public committee in Rathedaung in Arakan State with  fact-finding and presenting their voices in mind, to the central commission of investigation concerning the recent violent unrests in their region.

The committee is said to be formed with 31 members of whom U Khin Maung Than has been elected as the Chairman, U Oo Tin Maung, a retired headmaster as the Vice-Chairman (1), U Hla Thein as the Vice-Chairman (2), U Ba Thein and U San Shwe Maung as the Secretaries respectively.

“We have formed the Arakan Regional Committee for Public Voices with 31 members on 24th August. We are now planning to hold a demonstration in order to make known our voices concerning the violent unrest in our region, but we have not fixed the date for the demonstration yet”, said U Hla Thein, the Vice-Chairman (2) of the committee.

He also said the committee will compile facts and public voices from the violence-stricken townships of Rathedaung, Buthidaung, Maungdaw as well as from other townships in Arakan State so that it can submit the genuine situation in the region to any commissions that come to the region to investigate the recent violence.

“We are now also mobilizing the people in all areas in Arakan State to hold a regional demonstration in order to submit the facts we have found and the public voices to the central commission of investigation when it arrives in our region for its mission”, he added.

When asked his opinions about the public committee, U Hla Maung Thein, a lawmaker of the state parliament who is elected from Rathedaung Township, told Narinjara as follows.

“It is good the people have formed such a committee because it will be useful for them to present their voices concerning their losses and suffering from the recent violence to the central commission when it comes for its investigation in their region”, said U Hla Maung Thein.

The commission of investigation for Arakan’s unrest was formed with 27 members who include politicians, religious leaders, social workers and members of 88-Generation Students by presidential order on 17th of August.

It held its first plenary meeting on 19th of August in order to plan its investigative mission in Arakan State and increased the period of its mission up to three months though it was assigned to complete its mission within one month.