Arakanese Elder Brutally Murdered in Kyauktaw

Maung Aye

Kyauk Taw: An Arakanese elder who was the former chairman of the village council of Tharak Oak Village in Kyauktaw Township in Arakan State was killed by someone who cut his throat Tuesday evening after he came back home from Kyauktaw.

The deceased is identified as 64-year old U Kyaw Maung Chay from Tharak Oak Village.

An elder from Kyauktaw reported to Narinjara that he was killed on his way back home from Kyauktaw in the evening on Tuesday.

“He went back to his village from Kyauktaw after 5 pm on Tuesday. His family made a phone call to Kyauktaw as it was getting dark and he was late coming back home. As his family was told that he had already gone back to the village, six villagers were sent to look for him on the route back. The villagers first found a pair of slippers and blood on the way. So, they called more villagers and searched for him again. And then his dead body was found 200 yards away from the slippers and blood”, said the elder.

He said U Kyaw Maung Chay’s dead body was found in paddy fields that are owned by some Bengalis situated between Tharak Oak Village and Kyauktaw.

He died from deep sword cuts on his throat and occipital bone, the source said.

U Kyaw Maung Chay is said to have gone to Kyauktaw to take the money sent by his son in Malaysia from his eldest daughter who is living in downtown Kyauktaw. He was killed on his way returning from Kyauktaw after taking the money and paying some of them to his debtors in the town.

His dead body is being kept in the mortuary of the Kyauktaw public hospital and many local residents are coming to see the body.

“There is a cut-wound on his head and his throat is also cut. There are a numbers of wounds from machetes on his back and body as well”, said the elder.

It is learnt that the local police are now investigating the killing of U Kyaw Maung Chay and have arrested two men who were found armed with machetes near the spot of the incident early this morning.

U Kyaw Maung Chay has left behind seven sons and daughters along with his wife.

It is also learnt that the situation in Kyauktaw has become tense and is likely to get worse again after this brutal killing.

Anger and dissatisfaction are growing among local residents in Kyauktaw as brutal killings such as this occur when the curfew is still in force and security is still being tightened in their area.

Authorities and some villagers suspect that some miscreant villagers from Paikthe Bengali villages killed him. The police are now inspecting the area.

The murder took place while members from the mission to investigate the recent sectarian violence in Arakan are visiting in Arakan state.

Arakanese people in the area are increasingly worried for their security after the brutal murder took place in the area.