Arakan public meeting successfully concludes in Rathidaung

Rathidaung: A 2 day long Arakan public meeting was successfully concluded Wednesday in Rathidaung, 20 miles north of Arakan state capital Sittwe where 16 resolutions, 6 objections and three suggestions (proposals) were adopted by attendances (participants).

The public meeting is the biggest in Arakan modern history held by the public with their aspirations after Burmese independence in 1948.

The intention of public meeting is to look for solutions for the Arakanese to avoid future crisis and conflict. It came out after the Arakan conflict which was took place in June this year.

In the meeting, around 2000 people throughout Arakan State gathered and some of them presented their writing papers about their outlooks on Arakan situation. Among the participants, some were representatives of 17 Townships in Arakan state and some representatives were from political and social organizations.

U Ko Ko Maung, who is the spokesman of the public committee, told the 16 resolutions, 6 objections and 3 suggestions over phone to Narinjara just after the meeting concluded on Wednesday.

The 16 resolutions are below:

(1) To strength the security forces to guard the western border and Arakan Sea because there is still illegal immigrants entering Arakan state from neighboring countries.

(2) To help and promote by central government in Arakan state economic zones that will be implemented by Arakanese businessmen in order to prevent the dropping of Arakan population in Arakan state.

(3) To give and allocate some shares from state revenues of natural resources produced from Arakan state to Arakanese people.

(4) To lay down a rule to be controlled the birth rate of the Muslim Bangali community living in Arakan.

(5) To restrict the unmoved properties by non-citizens.

(6) To form a people militia in all ethnic villages along the border and to supply sophisticated arms to the people’s militia.

(7) To implement strictly the 1982 citizenship laws.

(8) To monitor by government authority UN and INGOs activities in Arakan state.

(9) To take action after searching and revealing the root cause of Islamic extremist militants in Myanmar.

(10) To return lands including farms and orchid lands back to Arakanse families who lost the lands in the 1942 communal riot in Arakan.

(11) To remove some Bangali villages located near Sittwe University and beside traffic communication roads throughout Arakan state.

(12) To implement the Sai Din hydro power plant immediately.

(13) To take responsibility for all government employee’s security on border.

(14) To monitor whether religious teachers follow directives after government authorities scrutinize and allow the curriculum of madressar schools.

(15) To implement what President U Thein Sein told chief of UNHCR on 11 July 2012.

(16) To return back all confiscated lands by the Burmese army to all owners.

(17) To stop the system of auction on creeks, river and sea after allocating fishing plots one by one.

(18) To carry out the construction of all commuter roads in Arakan including railways and highways immediately

Six Objections are in the below.

(1) To oppose the plan to put Buddhist and Muslim people together due to their bitter experiences from recent violence in Arakan.

(2) To oppose OIC intervention in state affairs as well as the plan of opening an office anywhere in Arakan state.

(3) To oppose the project of Lay Myo River hydro power plant.

(4) To oppose all media out and inside which use the term of Rohingya.

(5) To oppose those Bangali representatives in the parliament who illegally regain national ID cards.

(6) To oppose those Bangali people who are using the valuable national identities including symbols, heritages that belong to Arakanese nationals.

Three suggestions are in the below.

(1)  All political parties including RNDP, ALD, ALP, USDP and NUP support resolutions submitted to Government to get attention.

(2) To unite all political parties that represent the Rakhine people.

(3) To hand and promote networking among all Arakan organizations in and out of Arakan state to develop of Arakan state.

It was learnt that the resolutions and objections adopted in the public meeting will be submitted to Burmese president, presidents of parliament, Arakan investigative commission on recent violence and individual representatives of parliament.