Arakan bans unregistered NGOs

( Narinjara, 16 March 2014)

Arakan state parliament building.

Arakan state parliament building.

 The lawmaking body of Arakan has passed a bill on Tuesday to ban the activities of all unregistered NGOs in the western Burma State.

 The bill was passed in the State Parliament  unanimously after a lawmaker named U Aung Win proposed the  draft insisting on banning both the national and International unregistered NGOs in Arakan, said U Aung Mra Kyaw, a lawmaker from Sittwe township.

“There are around 68 NGOs working in Arakan, but out of them only 15 NGOs are registered with the authority. We all agreed to ban the unregistered NGOs in our State,” added U Aung Mra Kyaw.

The Arakan government has already decided to take strict actions against the unregistered NGOs with the support from the Burma Union government.

“Our State is facing a different problem from these unregistered NGOs. In some occasions, the presence of  many unrecognized NGOs has fueled troubles in Arakan. Hence we prefer these unregistered NGOs to leave our State,”  asserted the lawmaker.

The passing of the bill came at a time, when the Arakanese community are angrily opposing many NGOs in Arakan accusing them with biasness towards the ‘Bengali’ people.

The Burma government has recently restricted the Medicines Sans Frontiers from working in Arakan after thousands of Arakanese staged demonstrations against the non-government organization for its doubtful activities in the border State.


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