Anti-Chinese company protest postponed

By Kyaw Win
Kyauk Phyu, 17 September:

Gas Pipeline in Arakan to be connected with China.

A proposed protest porgramme against a Chinese company at Taung Falar village under Ann township of Rakhine State on Thursday has been postponed till 21 September 2015.

According to Ko Myo Lwin, chairman of the Ann all-round development association, the local people decided to organize the protest demonstration against the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) for its failure to address the loss of the farmers caused due to the company’s oil & gas pipelines.

The protest programme was initially planned for 16 September as the Chinese company put a deaf ear to the difficulties faced by the shrimp farm owners and general farmers because of the petroleum product carriers.

However the head of Ann Township had requested the farmers to negotiate again with the company officials. So the protest programme has been postponed immediately, informed Ko Myo Lwin.

Nearly hundred families face serious loss due to damage of their shrimp farm and farming lands because of the layout of oil & gas pipelines over their locality.

Now the locals are trying to restart their farming activities in vain as the land condition has been deteriorated to the maximum limit.

So these families have no other option than demanding compensation for the loss incurred, but when the  CNPC officials did not respond to their grievances, they decided unanimously to protest against the company’s wrong policies.