ANP condemns the killing of ethnic cadets

Man Yu Kyaw (ShweWa land), Narinjara News, 27 November 2014:


Arakan National Party (ANP) has condemned the killing of various ethnic Army cadets by the Burmese Army on  November 19 in Kachin State. In a statement issued on November 22, the ANP cried foul at the death of 23 ethnic cadets due to the motor shelling of Burma Army over a KIA cadet academy school on the fateful day.

The ANP leaders asserted that the killing of at least  23 ethnic cadets and injuring over 20 in the KIA cadet academy was unacceptable as the negotiation process between the Burma government and the ethnic armed group is going on for a pragmatic resolution.

“We can not accept it as an accident, because the Burma Army shelling hit the secret and secured place,” asserted ANP vice-president Daw Aye Nu Sein.

The ANP earlier urged both the Burma Army and ethnic armed groups to end all kinds of offensive as a peace building measure in the country.

It also argued that Burma should adopt a genuine federal system where every ethnic people can enjoy equal rights and live a dignified life.

Mentionable is that among the dead ethnic cadets, 8 were from Arakan Army, where as 5 Arakan Army cadets got wounded in the incident.

Speaking to Narinjara News, Aye Nu Sein also added that deaths in a battle field were not a strange thing for both the Burmese soldiers and the revolutionary group members, but the  November 19 shelling was very unfortunate and unacceptable.

The ANP leader also expressed sympathy towards the families of the ethnic cadets, including those from Arakan Army, who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident.

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