Ann farmers cry foul at gas pipeline compensation packages

Narinjara News

Yangon, 12 March 2016


The farmers of Ann township in Arakan State of Burma (Myanmar) cry foul at the compensation packages as they claim that they were offered less amount of money in compare to the official declaration.

Narinjara News received a letter from the farmers belong to Saychin Lookh village under Ann township where they allege that they were given smaller amount of money than it was actually announced by the authority as the compensation to the China- Myanmar gas pipeline project, which runs through their fields.

The farmer claims that they received only 301754335 Kyat against the officially disclosed amount of 856000000 Kyat as the compensation from the township administration.

Hence the affected farmers demand their outstanding amount. They also decided to take help of an advocate for the same, as the authority has not responded to their primary demand.

The village heads of the affected localities had talked to the responsible officers about the matter on 5 February last, where the township administration officials promised to resolve the matter by 6 February, but nobody arrived there in the villages till date.