Ancient stone inscription found in central Arakan

Yangon (Narinjara)


An ancient stone inscription was found at Ann township in central Arakan recently, when a monk started digging a well inside  a monastery at Ruu village of the western Burmese State.

The stone inscription, found on 14 January 2015, is of two feet length and 1.5 feet breadth. It is understood of manufactured during the Arakanese era of Visalia period that existed between 6th and 8th centuries, said U Wai Hun Aung, an Arakanese author.

“The inscription was made by the Arakanese ancestors as a record for their religious donations during the period,” added Aung.

Kyaw Min Htin, an ancient researcher could read only one side of the inscription where he discovered a sentence in Pali language with Arakanese old alphabets meaning ‘Thetba Thingar  Tahtar’.

The researcher continues trying to read out all the texts of the stone structure, but he could do so for few lines only, informed Aung.