ALP and ANP discuss for national-level political dialogue

San Maung Than (Sittwe)

Narinjara News, 15 February:


Leaders of the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) and the Arakan National Party (ANP) met in Sittwe on 14 February to discuss the plan to hold the national-level political dialogue for the Arakan nationalities.

Saw Mra Razar Lin, central executive committee member of the ALP, led the ALP delegation and U Khaing Pyi Soe, vice chairman of the ANP, led the ANP delegation during the meeting held at the ANP’s headquarters in Sittwe, according to Saw Mra Razar Lin, who is also the deputy leader of the Peacemaking Working Committee.

“We discussed the forming of a working committee for organising the national-level peace dialogue led by the ALP and the ANP,” she said to Narinjara News.

This was the second official meeting between the ALP and the ANP.

The ALP will discuss the organisation of the national-level peace dialogue with civil society organisations on 15 February.

Although the UPDJC originally decided not to allow the Arakan and Chin nationalities to hold national-level political dialogues during a meeting held on 6 February, the Chin nationalities were allowed to hold the national-level political dialogue on 13 February.

Saw Mra Razar Lin explained that the ALP has been preparing to hold the national-level political dialogue for the Arakan nationalities.

According to her, the national-level political dialogue will be held in the Arakan State with around 500 representatives including those from political parties and civil society organisations and also public representatives from 17 townships under the Arakan State.

“The ALP is trying to negotiate with the Arakan people on which policy will be used in building the federal system. Our party will reveal to the public what we have prepared and negotiated and discuss our negotiations with the public in economic, social, education, and security sectors at the national-level political dialogue,” she said.

Narinjara News was unable to contact ANP’s vice chairman U Khaing Pyi Soe to inquire about the meeting with the ALP.

The ALP is one of the eight ethnic armed organisations that have signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement in Burma.

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