ALD-exile urges coalescence of RNDP and its party

Tokyo: The exiled branch of the Arakan League for Democracy in Japan has urged two major political parties in western Burma’s Arakan State, the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) and its mother party, to coalesce into one party.

Members of ALD ( Japan) at a ceremony in Tokyo.

The ALD (Japan) in its statement publicized on 27th of May said it has to urge the two major parties of Arakan State to be united into one in order to strengthen the Arakanese national unity following the changes in Burma’s politics.

“This is the time that Burma’s politics are changing and it is very important for all Arakanese peoples to build on their national unity. If we strengthen our unity, our two political parties that are representing our peoples need to unite or coalesce into one party at first. If the parties combine into one, we believe they will become a strong political vanguard for all Arakanese people”, said U Hla Aye Maung, the President of the ALD’s branch in Japan.

U Hla Aye Maung said the ALD was born from Arakanese people after the military coup in 1988 to work to establish genuine democracy and a federal union in Burma, and so the RNDP was established for democracy, self-determination and equality of rights between Arakanese people, despite its disregard for 2008’s constitutions.

“The two parties were born from the Arakanese people, and they have similar objectives and common goals for the Arakanese people. They are also striving for the causes of Arakanese people. We believe that they will become the strongest force for Arakan State if they come together to form into one”, he said.

He also pointed out disadvantages that would come out from the disunity of the two parties.

“By uniting the two parties, we can affirm that there will be no negative signs for us. If the ALD goes on its own way and the RNDP does the same, our Arakanese peoples will never recover from their sufferings under the present political circumstances. Now the other political parties are opening their offices in our homeland Arakan State. If we are not able to build our unity, the third parties will rule our region after coming elections. That’s why we would like to urge our parties’ leaders to think carefully about our regional situation from different political angels”, he said.

The statement of the ALD (Japan) said the present U Thein Sein led USDP government is still continuing the offensive wars to uproot the ethnic armies that are fighting for equality of rights and democracy in their respective home regions, though the political situation in the country is deemed to be improving at present.

It also warned that Arakanese political parties be aware of the policies of fire and water being practiced by the present Burmese regime towards the ethnic peoples in the country, and to unite each other to protect the rights and benefits of their own people.

U Hla Aye Maung said they have not received any responses from either party over their statement that urge the coalescence of the parties.

“We have not received any responses from our own party the ALD as well as from the RNDP concerning our statement yet. But we hope the RNDP will respond to our statement soon because it is holding its conference starting from 30th of May”, he said.

A source from the RNDP said the party is now preparing to make some decisions and to draft a framework in order to combine with the ALD in its current conference.