3 Bangladeshi constables seized by Burmese border force

Maung Aye
Three Bangladeshi police were seized by the Burmese border security force, Nasaka within the territory of Bangladesh, on Wednesday, said a report of a Bangladeshi local online news agency.

The Bangladeshi constables- Imuram Hossein, Illfor shorakar and Mujibur Rahman-were arrested by the Nasaka force while they were traveling inside Bangladeshi territory near the Burmese border, said the report published by  www.banglanews24.com today.
The incident took place while the police served at a radio station in Cox;sbazar district , near the Burmese border, said the report.
Another online report said that the Nasaka force brought another Bangladeshi layman, Sai Fi Islam,  to Burma along with three Bangladeshi police.
However, the reason behind the arrest is unclear up to now.

According sources, Burma Nasaka and Bangladesh border security force, BGB, will sit together today  in a place on the border about the issue.