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Arakan has no fund for village teacher hostels

Arakan State Parliament has rejected the proposal for constructing hostels for the teachers working in rural areas as they continue facing problems without proper accommodations in their workplaces. Arakan lawmaker from Myaybon constituency U Aung Win placed the proposal in the Parliament on November 20, which was not passed.

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ANP condemns the killing of ethnic cadets

Arakan National Party (ANP) has condemned the killing of various ethnic Army cadets by the Burmese Army on November 19 in Kachin State. In a statement issued on November 22, the ANP cried foul at the death of 23 ethnic cadets due to the motor shelling of Burma Army over a KIA cadet academy school on the fateful day.

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Rescued boat passengers using Myanmar flag were mostly Bangladeshi citizens

Among 623 people, who were rescued by the Bangladesh naval force recently from a boat hosting a Myanmar flag and leading to Malaysia, most of them were Bangladeshi citizens, the local authority in Dhaka claimed.

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Arakanse protest against Ben Ki-moon’s gesture to Rohingyas

Arakanese people in large number protested against the UN secretary general Ben Ki-moon for his recent favourable comment about Muslim Bengali residents of Burma, particularly because of terming them as Rohingyas.

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arakan army

8 Arakan Army cadets got killed in Kachin

Over 23 cadets of different ethnic army groups, including eight from Arakan army, were killed following the Burma army’s shell attacks on November 19 in Kachin dominated areas, which is adjacent to China, claimed an Arakan army report.

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Parliament of Arakan state.

Arakan Parliament to discuss extra allocation of 19 billion Kyats

Arakan State Parliament is scheduled to discuss the matter of extra allocation of 19 billion Kyats (1 USD=1000 Burmese Kyats) in the Union budget for the fiscal year (2014-2015).

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Taiwan solar lamps reached Rangoon on way to Arakan

International Rotary Club in Taiwan has donated 800 solar lamps to the poor students of Arakan and a consignment of those items has arrived in Rangoon (Yangon) on November 7 last.

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Ancient Royal Palace in Mrauk U.

Mrauk U city hall construction faces public furies

Social Net Work of Mrauk U has issued a statement of protests against the construction of the city hall as it might distress old cultural heritages.

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Two bombs exploded in Buthidaung

Two bombs got exploded in Buthidaung, an Arakanese town adjacent to neighboring Bangladesh, on Friday night but no one sustained injuries, said a local source based in the western Burma town.

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