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75th Ven-Oattama Day scheduled for September 9 in Yangon

Great saint and revolutionary social scientist Ven-Oattama, who should have been familiar to each and every Burmese today, was deprived space in the school curriculum, which has been very unfortunate.

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Unused 13 billion kyat to return back to Union government

Arakan State government has to send back over 13 billion Burmese kyat (1 USD= 1000 kyat) to the Union government in Nay Pyi Taw for its failure to use in development works.

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A warning signboard erected by the authority in Sittwe. ( Photo- Narinjara)

Intruders asked to move out from Sittwe’s conflict zone

The Arakan government has taken a decisive step against the intruders to the conflict-ridden localities of Sittwe asking them to move out immediately.

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Interview with U Maung Maung Than on Burmese citizenship status scrutinizing process

(In Mray Bon township of Arakan, over 1000 Muslims have applied for the Burmese citizenship status. Local authorities are presently engaged with the scrutinizing process under the guidelines of 1982 Burmese Citizenship Act. People are expecting that all the applicants would be considered as Burmese Citizens. Narinjara News talked to U Maung Maung Than, director general of Immigration Department, recently and the excerpts are here).

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8-8-88 Arakanese generation students to reunite

The Arakanese students, who were involved with 1988 Burma Uprising for Democracy, have planned to reunite for the cause of the State. They are now preparing for a meeting in Mrouk Oo, an old city of Arakan, to get reunited under a banner.

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Gulf ground in Taunguo

Arakan has solved only 17 land confiscated cases

Only few land confiscated cases have been resolved by the authority in Arakan. Statistics reveal that 17 out of 212 land confiscated cases were solved by Arakan State government so far. It shows the inability of the government in Sittwe, said U Aung Win, a lawmaker from Mraybon Constituency (no 1).

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Prominent monk donates cremation machine & coffin carrier

A prominent Burmese monk has donated a cremation machine and a coffin carrier vehicle for the benefit of Rathidaung town residents. Dr Arriya Wantha, a well known monk of the country who has been preaching Buddha’s teaching across the globe, has shown the gesture in a ceremony held on August 8 last.

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photo by DVB

Burmese athletes to participate in 10 categories of Asian Games

Myanmar will participate in 17th Asian Games, scheduled for 19 September to 4 October 2014 in Incheon city of South Korea in 10 categories.

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Completed Ven-Oattama statute is ready for installation

The statue of Ven-Oattama, the great revolutionary social scientist of Burma, is ready for installation in the public place. The over 400 kg bronze statue, which was cast successfully in Mrouk Oo recently, will be placed in Anawmar park near Shittaung pagoda of western Burma.

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Huge volume of Yaba tablets seized in western Burma

The Burma border police have seized a huge volume of Yaba tablets from a machine boat in the western part of the country. The police also found many other illegal items in the fishing boat which had a Bangladesh flag in hoisting.

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