18 Hindu Families Move to Downtown Sittwe From Refugee Camps

Sittwe: 18 Hindu families, comprising 98 people, were moved to a Hindu temple in Sittwe from a refugee camp on Wednesday in arrangement with the government.

“This move was arranged by the government. The authority conducted it after a Hindu family requested to move to the temple. They were sent to the temple in two police vehicles ,” said Ko Kaung San who is a social worker.

The authority brought them from Thea Chaung refugee to the temple at on Wednesday under police escort.

“The situation in Sittwe is steadily improving, so the authority moved the Hindu family to downtown Sittwe in accordance with the request” said Ko Khaing San.

The 18 Hindu families, who had originated  from Nazi Ward in Sittwe, were shifted to the Tae Chaung Refugee Camps after their homes were burnt down in recent violence. They were living in Nazi ward alongside Arakanese, Maramar Gyi and Muslim families.

The authority also reduced the curfew time from 12 hours to two hours each day in Sittwe.

The situation in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan is becoming increasingly normal, the authority has been opening schools and markets around Sittwe that were closed for nearly two months due to sectarian violence in Arakan state.