18 Burmese among 62 asylum seekers held in Indonesia


( Dhaka, 15 July 2013) : The Indonesian police have arrested 62 asylum seekers from Burma, Bangladesh and Nepal. A police patrol of the island nation caught 18 Burmese along with 41  asylum seekers from Bangladesh and three from Nepal on Friday while they were travelling by a boat in the Indonesian cost.

The immigration official source said that the arrests were made following a tip-off from the local Indonesian residents who observed the boat plying in the coast of Karawang of west Jeva.

Soon the officials searched them and found that their boat was leaking that compelled them for stranding adrift on the Karawang shore.

Besides the 62 asylum seekers, the police also arrested two Indonesian crewmen along with them. Later they were taken to Karawang immigration office for interrogation, said a local media report. It also added that all the 62 foreign nationals were finally taken to Bogor in west Jeva and put them in the detention camp