12 detained in Sittwe suspecting role on NGO office attacks

(Narinjara News- 2 April 2014)

NGO-office-attack in Myanmar

(Photo: RFA)

At least twelve people have been detained by the Sittwe police suspecting their role in the recent attacks on several offices belonged to international non-government organizations (NGO) in Arakan province of western Burma.

General U Maung Maung Own, Burma’s deputy minister for border affairs confirmed the news about the detention of 12 people so far relating to the attacks on foreign NGO offices in Sittwe.

The police source revealed that out of 12 detainees, six are female.

U Win Myint, a spokesperson for Arakan State government, while admitting about the detention,  clarified that the police had picked up few people for interrogations, but nobody was arrested.

“The interrogation process is  going on but no one is arrested till now. We have brought some people to the police station for questioning  about the recent attacks on international NGO offices,” disclosed the government spokesperson.

Among the detainees the father of a political prisoner named  Naing Soe is also included, who was picked up by the police from his home at Danyawaddy ward in Sittwe by the midnight of March 31.

It may be mentioned that local people demonstrated and some of the agitators even attacked the offices of international organizations in Sittwe on  March 26 & 27 after a rumor broke out that the a foreign NGO worker disregarded the religious Buddhist flag.