100000 yaba tablets seized, 3 arrested in Arakan

( Buthidaung, 30 July 2014)

YabaA huge volume of contraband yaba tablets were seized by the police on duty in Buthidaung, a bordering town of Arakan State of Burma, which is adjacent to Bangladesh.

The police also arrested three suspected individuals, informed Buthidaung town police chief.

“We have seized 100000 yaba tablets on  July 9 from a ship which was coming from Sittwe. The tablets were covered by the PLK marker (brand of coffee package). Those coffee packages are being sent to the office along with other consignments by the ferry ship,” said the police officer.

Talking to Narinjara, the police officer informed that they got the information from a local source and thus succeeded in seizing the yaba tablets, which may fetch over 250 million Kyats (1 USD = 1000 Burmese currency Kyats) in the illegal market.

“We have also arrested three suspected individuals in this regard. Among them two persons hail from Sittwe and one from Maungdaw. The interrogation process is still going on,” added the police officer.

The yaba tablets were suspectedly brought from eastern parts of Burma and the destination could have been Bangladesh. Seizing of such tablets in various parts of Burma is not a new phenomenon, but it happened for the first time in Buthidaung.


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