10 Muslims arrested in Arakan

(Narinjara News, 31 July 2014)


At least 10 Muslim inmates from Bodupa Muslim refugee camp in Sittwe were arrested by the police in connection with the attack on a village administrator’s house few days back.

The incident took place on  July  22, when over 1000 Muslim people from the Bodupa camp targeted the house of U Maung Maung Tin, who is a Muslim village administrator. The inmates attacked and destroyed his house totally.

U Maung Maung Tin is also associated with Denmark Relief committee (DRC) as a relief distributor.

“The mob targeted administrator’s house in the noon of July 22 and they have looted some valuable properties belonged to U Maung Maung Tin. The police could disperse the mob only after firing three bullets into the sky,” said a police officer.

The arrested Muslim inmates include Adu Roking, Eliyan, Ahdul Rochi, Ismile, Mamuad Sultan, Shweyaw Ohusaung, Hamad Tusaung, Marmauk Rochi, Ahdura and Baler Ohuswan.

The vandalism resulted in the damage of fence, corridor, ladders with other parts of the residential building. Moreover, the attackers took away three boxes of gold and cashes.

“Eight Muslim inmates from the refugee camp were detained soon after the incident. Other two suspected inmates were arrested later,” added the police officer.

There are unconfirmed reports that many inmates of the camp, who were involved with the incident have already fled in fear of police actions.

“The affected village administrator has filed a case in the local police station. The police have already started the investigation process,” revealed the police officer.

A Muslim elder from the village, who can speak Rakhine language, has confirmed about the happenings but he denied elaboration.

There are allegations aired against the village administrator that he demanded money in return of the relief items, which angered the Muslim inmates, but Narinjara cannot confirm it.