1.2 billion kyat addendum budget discussed in Arakan’s parliament

Sittwe: The Parliament of Arakan State has discussed a 1.2 billion kyat addendum of 2012-2013 budget in its fifth session that started on 10th of December, according to the local lawmakers.


The addendum of budget is said to have been requested by the Directorate of General Administration and the Ministry of Cooperatives of the Arakan State Government as the budgets for those departments were not included in the budget of 2012-2013.

U Aung Mra Kyaw, a lawmaker of the parliament, said the general administration has asked for over 1 billion kyat for the salaries to be paid to the newly appointed village administrators, which was not included in its budget proposal for the year.

“The addendum of budget asked by the General Administration and the Ministry of Cooperatives is over 1,200 millions kyat and it had already approved the last parliamentary session. But the issue is discussed again in this session”, said U Aung Mra Kyaw.

The Ministry of Cooperatives is said to have asked for over 60 millions kyat as the addendum because it has forgotten to add the increase of 30,000 kyat to the payment of each official in its budget this year.

A number of ministries of the regional government are said to have submitted the respective necessities of additional budgets to the parliament in its fourth session with their claims of inadequate annual budgets.

U Aung Mra Kyaw also said that the issues relating to the municipal laws were also discussed in the current parliamentary session.

“The municipal department is now being kept under the state government and the government has to draw up the municipal laws for their responsible region. So, we have thoroughly discussed the municipal laws being drawn up by our government in this parliamentary session as well”, he said.

According to him, ten questions have been asked to the parliament in this session and most of them are about the education sector in Arakan State.