Villager imprisoned for returning to his village after being exposed over Ma Thidar Htwe’s incident

Maung Rammar

Rambree: The Rambree Township Court has sentenced a villager to one year in prison for returning to his village after he was exposed by the police on allegations that he carried out incitements after Ma Thidar Htwe was raped and murdered in Kyauknimaw’s Sanpya Village in Rambree Township in Arakan State.


a scenery of Kyauknimaw village.

The villager is identified as Ko Hla Thway (38), son of U Maung Phoe Oo from Kyauknimaw Village in Rambree Township, and is a member of the Union Solidarity and Development Party.

He was arrested for violating his promise with the police and was sentenced to one year imprisonment by the township court on 20th of December.

“Ko Hla Thway was accused of incitements in Kyauknimaw and the police forbade him from returning to the village and asked him to sign a promise that he would not return to the village. He was arrested by the police on the charge of breaking the promise yesterday (19th of December) when he returned to his village. The police immediately produced him in the Rambree Township Court and the court has sentenced him to one year imprisonment on the similar charge at 12 pm on 20 December”, said a local resident from Rambree.

He said Ko Hla Thway came back to his village as the present situation in the area is calm and he did not think that he would receive punishment.

“He was arrested on his way back to the village and directly taken to Rambree by the police. The police asked him if he would hire a lawyer. But he refused to do so because he was unable to pay the lawyer and did not think that he would get such a punishment”, he said.

A police officer from Rambree also confirmed the case and said that Ko Hla Thway defended himself in the court hearing, that he had to return to his village for his party as well as to receive his senior of the party, Major Kyaw Khine, in the village and that the township court judge, U Myo Aung, however awarded him one year imprisonment on charge of breaking his promise with the police.

The court is also said to have passed down a final ruling against him after a short hearing and without permitting him to appeal.

The Rambree resident said the authorities have imprisoned Ko Hla Thway even though he is a member of the ruling party USDP, for nothing more than giving an example to the members of other political parties after the president has stated that the members of the political parties were directly involved in the recent communal violence in Arakan State.

“Now we have to wait and see how they will act against the members of the other political parties in our region”, he said.

Ko Hla Thway was sent to the prison in Kyaukpru to serve his punishment just after the court ruling.