Victims Move to Makeshift Refugee Camps from downtown of Maungdaw

Maungdaw: Some 109 families who escaped the recent violence in Maungdaw township have moved to makeshift refugee camps constructed by the authority near their respective villages, said official and public sources.

Victims Move to Makeshift Refugee Camps from downtown of Maungdaw

Amongst the displaced are 82 families are from the Alawdaw Pyi Monastery. The rest of the families are from the government high school in Maungdaw.

“The move began on the 15th of September. Now all the victim families from our monastery have already moved to the makeshift camps in Thari Kongbon,” said U Mani Sara, an abbot from Alawdaw Pyi monastery.

Alawdaw Pyi monastery, a major sheltering camp in downtown Maungdaw for victims who escaped from recent violence in Maungdaw Township is now empty as all refugees have left.

“Most of the victims sheltering in our monastery were from Thari Kongbon village which was completely razed to the ground by rioters during the sectarian violence in Maungdaw Towship. They had been staying at our monastery for nearly four months since June 2012,” the monk said.

There is enough food for the next two or three months for the refugees in the camps and the security has also been beefed up in the area by deploying many soldiers.  However there are not any foreign NGos in the refugee camps, the abbot said.

“I visited the Thiri Kongbon refugee camps on the 19th of September to observe the situation of refugees there. I saw that there weren’t any problems over security, health and food for the refugees,” the abbot said.

It was learned that there were around 10000 Rakhine refugees sheltering in refugee camps in Maungdaw but now they have already left to return to villages and camps near their homes.

The makeshift refugee camps have been constructed with canvas tents and are only suitable to fulfil the needs of victims, the abbot said.