USDP unable to take on officials’ corruption

Maungdaw: The Regional Chief of the Union Solidarity and Development Party is said to have stated in his recent meeting with Muslim people in Maungdaw Township in Arakan State that his party is unable to take on any complaints against officials’ engaged in bribery or corruption in the area.

“When the USDP’s Chief U Maung Oo and its Lawmaker of Peoples’ Parliament U Aung Zaw Win came to meet us in Taungbro on 10th of May, we complained of corruption in our area to them. But U Maung Oo told us that he and his party could not do anything about the complaints against corruption”, said a villager from Taungbro (Right).

U Maung Oo and U Aung Zaw Win, the senior members of the USDP, have come to Maungdaw on 8th of May to organize the local Muslims just after the National League for Democracy opened its branch office in the area.

The villager said they disclosed the official corruption as U Maung Oo told them to present their respective difficulties in their area in the meeting.

“The informer and interpreter of Nasaka, U Shah Alam and U Arman Ullah, are now asking us for Kyat 150,000 for a marriage permit, and if we’d like to hold a mobile phone from Bangladesh, we have to pay Kyat 100,000 to the former VPDC Chairman, U Ba Shin also known as Larlatyar, in our Taungbro area. We have submitted our complaints resulting from exorbitant extortions by the officials, but U Maung Oo has rejected our submissions telling us that he would not be able to do anything about such submissions”, said the villager.

He said that U Shah Alam and U Arman Ullah are working as interpreters for the Nasaka forces as the Muslims in the area are speaking Bengali Language and most of them cannot speak Burmese Language, and that they have become rich as they have received shares of extortions from the Nasaka officers in the area.

“They are not just the interpreters, but the deputies of the Nasaka officers. If we have to apply a marriage permit, it is very difficult for us to get the permit directly from the responsible Nasaka officers. But if we pay Kyat one and half lakhs to U Shah Alam or U Arman Ullah, we can get the permit very easily. Another thing is that if we pay one lakh kyat to U Ba Shin also known as U Larlatyar, we can use a mobile phone from Bangladesh freely and openly in our area and no authority arrests us. Those men have become very rich in our area because they have also got shares from their bosses”, he said.

A local Arakanese official also confirmed that the Muslims in Taungbro complained of the officials’ corruption to U Maung Oo in their meeting, but he told them not to submit such complaints against officials in the future.

The villager said they are unhappy and disappointed with the USDP because its regional in-charge refused even to accept their complaints against them in their recent meeting.