Unused 13 billion kyat to return back to Union government

(Maung Aye, Narinjara, 24 August 2014):


Road in Arakan, ( Photo- Narinjara)

Arakan State government has to send back over 13 billion Burmese kyat (1 USD= 1000 kyat) to the Union government in Nay Pyi Taw for its failure to use in development works.

The Burma government granted 109 billion kyat to Arakan state government for 2013-2014 fiscal year, but the State government in Sittwe could not manage the fund properly and the amount of 13.18 billion kyat was left unused.

U Aung Mra Kyaw, a law maker in Arakan State Parliament informed that the State government asked for higher amount of budgetary allocation from the Centre and hence it was sanctioned  109 billion kyat for the last financial year.

“There are 25 sectors for which the Arakan government asked the money and the State Parliament passed the budget for implementation of various schemes. As the State government could not use the money, the surplus amount would now go to the Centre,” said U Aung Mra Kyaw.

Terming it as a great loss for the poverty stricken State, the law maker informed that the construction ministry had returned more than 10 billion kyat that remained unused.

He also revealed that over 40 billion kyat was allocated for the sectors relating to the construction and communication department, but half of the fund were not utilized. He raised the issue in the Parliament on  August 21, but no satisfactory response was made available from the concerned ministers.

In the earlier (2012-2013) fiscal year, the Arakan government had to return around 9 billion kyat to the Union government, said a State government report. Now 198 billion kyat budgetary allocation is made to Arakan government for the present financial year (2014-2015).

“We will observe how efficiently the new chief minister of Arakan (U Maung Muang Ohn) spends the amount for the benefit of the people,” said the law maker pointing out that the former State chief minister, U Hla Maung Tin could not show the expected competence in managing the budgetary allocation.


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