Unexploded World War II bomb found in Arakan

( Narinjara- 9 May 2013): An unexploded World War II bomb, weighing 64 kg was found in at Kyauk Pru Township of Arakan State in western Burma, said the authority. Recovered in a farm, the bomb is 27 inches in length and 30 inches in girth, and was not assembled with any projectile or propeller.

Black hold bomb ArakanThe bomb is understood to be carried by the Japanese or its rival British forces with an aim to drop over the Burmese township from the warplanes during the last World War that swiped the globe around 70 years back. However, the authority made it clear that there was no visible label or writing on the bomb as it was discovered in rustic cover form.

The Arakanese farmer U Tun Tin, 56, a resident of Wet San village under Kyauk Pru Township saw the bomb in the farm where he was working with a rock company for procuring rocks. U Tun Tin shifted the bomb to a safer place where other people cannot reach it.

The army authority seized the bomb with tips of the farmer and brought it to an unknown place for defusing it.

Mentionable is that Arakan valley turned into a battlefield during World War II as the frontline forces belonged to Japan and Britain engaged in heavy fighting for many weeks.