Two women find ancient Arakan coins in Myebon Township

Kyaw Win (Kyaukphyu)

Narinjara News, 12 March:


Two women found many ancient Arakan coins while they were digging for yams on a hill near Ngan Taung Village of Ngan Taung Village Tract in Myebon Township.

According to Ngan Taung Village Administrator U Bo Thein Chay, Ma Nu Nu Nwe and Ma Oo Ma from Ngan Taung Village found the ancient Arakan coins.

“It’s true that coins have been found. When I went to ask them, they only have four or five coins left. They told me that they found 20 or 30 coins,” he said.

However, a villager told Narinjara News that the local villagers believe many coins have been found.

“I heard that the coins were found when they went to dig yams in the wood. I heard that they found them five months ago. When I asked the two women who found the ancient Arakan coins, they didn’t want to talk about it. They seemed like they wanted to keep it a secret. A person who has seen the coins told me that three tins full of coins have been found. I was told that there may have been 80 coins in total. I don’t exactly know how many coins have been found,” he said.


He added that Ma Nu Nu Nwe has entrusted the coins to U Wai Phyu Aung from the village.

Narinjara News was unable to contact the two women who found the coins.

“These silver coins have been found in Ngan Taw Village of Myebon Township. I heard that 52 ancient Arakan coins have been found. These silver coins are priceless ancient treasures that showed the wealth of the Arakan people in the past,” writer Ashin Indasara (Shwe Oatpyan) from Myebon Township said to Narinjara News.

Sales of these silver coins have been restricted now and plans are being made to make contact with the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Mrauk U branch), he added.

Daw Ma Shwe Kyi from Kan Pyin Su Ward of Sane in Kyaukphyu Township also found 41 silver coins while digging for yams in February this year.


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