Two physicians appointed after a solo protest

( Taungup, 13 June 2013) : Two physicians have been appointed in two rural hospitals by the Rakhine State health department, incidentally two days after a solo protest program that took place in Taungup township on June 11 and was promptly covered by Narinjara News.

Protester-Taungup-hospitalKo Min Aung, a central committee member of National League for Democracy in Taungup informed that two medical doctors are being appointed in Ma Ei township hospital and Wra Ma village sub-hospital. Both the hospitals are located in the Taungup township of central Arakan.

Earlier Ko Min Kyi alias Maung Mae staged the protest program alone for one hour. Through his demonstration starting at 8 am, Min Kyi expressed his furies against the authority for not appointing any physician in the town hospital for seven months.

An official source confirmed that Dr Htet Pin Soe has been appointed in Ma Ei township hospital and Dr Aung Naing Soe is appointed for Wra Ma village sub-hospital.

“It is a victory for the people. The local residents express happiness at the appointment of the government doctors and also appreciate Min Kyi for his initiative,” the NLD leader added.

Though the authority has taken the initiative to appoint two physicians after the solo protest, the local police have asked Min Kyi for not staging any such demonstration in future.

Min Kyi is even forced to sign an agreement by the police declaring that he would not stage such protests in future without the authority’s prior permission.