Two Burmese monks held in Bangladesh

Cox’sbazar: Two Burmese monks were arrested by the Bangladesh border security force, BGB, on Thursday at a border checkpoint located at Teknaf and Cox’sbazar highway where they entered into Bangladesh illegally, said an authority report.

Photo: Moheshkhali Buddhist monastery Cox'sbazer district in Bangladesh.

Photo: Moheshkhali Buddhist monastery in Cox’sbazar district, Bangladesh.

The monks were identified as U Kandi, 34, from Sittwe of Arakan state and another monk is U Nya Na , 35, from Maungdaw, a bordering town of Burma with Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh border security arrested them for suspicious movements in the border area, said the report.

However local people told Narinjara that the monks were held at Watkhong checkpoint when they were traveling by bus to cox’sbazar from Teknaf, a border town of Bangladesh, opposite Maungdaw on Burma’s side.

The monks later were handed over to Teknaf police by the BGB.

It is a rare arrest of Burmese monks by Bangladesh authorities on the border. Even though Burmese monks some times enter into Bangladesh illegally, the authorities in Bangladesh have not arrested them due to religious grounds.