Two Bangladesh nationals detained in Yangon

( Yangon, 11 July 2013) : Two Bangladeshi nationals have been detained by the Yangon police on Tuesday with suspicions of hiding identities.

The detained Bangladeshi nationals have been identified as Parsujait Barua, 27 (Bangladeshi passport no  Ae-4674854)  and Antar Barua, 29 (Bangladeshi passport no Ac-9257706), said a police official.

The Burmese police caught them from a hotel named Palo in Pabedan township of Yangon, the former capital of Burma, at 2 pm, while they were taking rest.  The police suspect that they pretended to be monks for some tricks.

According to the police source, both the Bangladeshi nationals had arrived in Yangon at around 9 am of 9 July via Bangkok following the invitation from a Muslim couple in the city. The visiting nationals were suspected to be sent to Malaysia. The police are now looking for the Muslim couple but they are yet to trace the couple.

The detained Bangladeshi nationals entered Burma wearing monk’s robs, but they put it off when took food in the restaurant.

The police followed the two Bangladeshis and finally initiated for actions against them. The interrogation is still going on and the police are investigating about any clue to lead their links to any terrorist organization.